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REVN As a Career

RCVS registered equine veterinary nurses (REVN) are an important part of the veterinary team in many equine veterinary practices and hospitals. 

REVNS work closely with, and under the direction of the veterinary surgeons, to provide care and treatment for sick and injured horses, ponies and donkeys. They are responsible for providing expert nursing care for sick animals as well as medical treatments, diagnostic imaging and diagnostic tests under veterinary direction. 

According to Schedule 3 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act, only registered veterinary nurses and student veterinary nurses have the privilege to perform certain procedures in veterinary practice, as delegated to them by veterinary surgeon. 

Thus being an REVN provides a diverse and rewarding career in which no two days are ever the same!

Many other opportunities are also available to REVNS aside from clinical practice, with nurses choosing to branch out and develop their career in industry, marketing and teaching. 

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